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19th March 1812: Duke of Newcastle writes to the Home Office about the Assizes

March 19—1812.


When I left Nottingham yesterday every thing was quiet, with every appearance that it would remain so – But there can be no certainty in appearances, consequently they will not be attended to and the same measures will be continued which have been hitherto adopted.

There was no disposition to disturbance shewn during the Assizes except on one trifling occasion, when the first frame-breaking cause was terminated by sentencing the man to 14 yr. transportation, when the populace attempted to hustle two of the principle evidences for the prosecution as they went out of court—but the activity and energy of the Police quickly crushed any intention which they may have had.

I am most extremely happy to inform you that the misunderstanding between Genl. Hawker and Mr. Becher is now at an end – and I am in great hopes that our internal disagreements have had the good effect of shewing us the folly of them, and that propriety by the lessons which we have received we shall be more united for the good of the Public Service in future —

I have the honor to remain
Your obedt.
humble Servt


The Right Honble
Richard Ryder
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/121.

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