Wednesday, 7 March 2012

7th March 1812: The Leeds Mercury reports on frames broken in Nottinghamshire

On Saturday 7th March 1812, the Leeds Mercury gave an estimate for the number of frames broken in Nottinghamshire and hinted at the relative cost:
It appears that since the commencement of the Luddite system in the neighbourhood of Nottingham, 42 lace frames, and 544 plain silk and cotton stocking-frames have been destroyed; the value of the former, when new, is upon the average about 60l. each; and that of the latter from 18 to 20l. each.

By this reckoning, Luddite actions in Nottinghamshire accounted for an average of £13,400 worth of damage, which is equivalent to almost £9 million (using average earnings) [N.B. 'l' is Latin 'librae' which represents £ sterling].

As reported in the Leeds Mercury of 7th March 1812.

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