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7th March 1812: Judge Bayley to Mr. Sherbrooke about preparations for the Nottingham Lent Assizes

7 March, 1812


Your letter has just reached me, I can give no advise as to the propriety of keeping in the Town a military force to guard the Prisoners, or as to the distance to which they should be removed, but I think it highly important, the depot of Arms for the Local Militia should be effectually secured and the Gaol duly guarded. It is for Government however to take the proper measures, and give the proper directions for this purpose, and the utmost I can do is not to object to the Soldiers remaining in the Town during the Assizes, as the Assizes do not begin till Friday, I am rather surprized the Troops should have been ordered to March on Monday morning.

I am [etc.]

J. Bayley

This letter can be found at HO 42/121.

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