Thursday, 8 March 2012

8th March 1812: Address "To all Croppers, Weavers &c & Public at Large." Leeds

To all Croppers, Weavers &c & Public at Large

Generous Countrymen.

You are requested to come forward with Arms and help the Redressers to redress their Wrongs and shake off the hateful Yoke of a Silly Old Man and his Son more silly and their Rogueish Ministers, all Nobles and Tyrants must be brought down. Come let us follow the Noble Example of the brave Citizens of Paris who in the Sight of 30,000 Tyrant Redcoats brought A Tyrant to the Ground. by so doing you will be best aiming at your own Interest Above 40,000 Heroes are ready to break out, to crush the old Goverment & establish a new one.

Apply to General Ludd Commander
of the Army of Redressers.

This letter appears in Binfield (2004, p.208). The date is 'before 9th March 1812'.

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