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25th March 1812: Manchester 'Church & King' loyalists petition the Borough Reeve for a Public Meeting

Manchester, 25th March, 1812.


Boroughreeve and Constables



WE, whose Names are hereunto subscribed, request you will convene a PUBLIC MEETING of the Inhabitants of the Towns of Manchester, Salford, and the Neighbourhood, to prepare a dutiful and loyal ADDRESS to his Royal Highness the PRINCE REGENT, expressive of the strongest assurances of our attachment to his Royal Person and of our ardent zeal for the support of his Government.

Jas Ackers.
R. A. Farington
J. Silvester
Hy. and John Barton
T.O. Gill
Thos. Johnson
T. Blackburne, L.L.D Warden of the Col. Church
Lawrence Peel
William Mayor
John Walker
Robert Peel
Edward Cheschyre
Thos. Jackson
Otho Hume
Thos. Hartmann
Wilson and Williamses
Samuel Smith
Dauntesey Hulme
Jonathan Beever
J.L. Philips
Joseph Seddon
John Parker
James Braddock
Ralph Ellam
Thos. Blackwall
Thos. Watkins
Jno. Pryce
C.W. Ethelston, Fel. of Christ Col.
Samuel Gardner
Wm. Cooper
S. Hall, Clerk, St. Peter’s
John Hull, M.D.
John Bill
Thomas Potter
John Wilson
H. Brottargh
Thos. Hewitt
Samuel Unwin
Jno. Kelsall
James Gordon
Abm. Haverhill
Geo. Grundy
Hen. Fielding & Brother
Thomas Darwell
Jonathan Dawson
R.W. Kitler
Wm. Tate
Richd. Barlow
John Orford
John Collins
Nath. Milne
Thos. Redhead
James Alsop
John Gatliff, Fellow of Christ Col.
Geo. Gould
C.D. Wray
Fred. Maude
James Bateman
Radfords & Waddington
Wm. Harrison
John Holford
Francis Philips
Robt. Hindley
Saml. Bayley, jun.
Thos. Marriot
Samuel Edge
Nath. Hayward
John Foole
Salter, Thompson & Co.
Josh. Denison
Js. Potter
Jeremiah Whittenbury
T.A. Ward
John Clowes, Fell. of Chr. Col.
Francis Parker
John Parker, jun.
John Miller
Thos. Stone, Cheetham's Library
James Harrop
Jer. Smith, Hd. Mas. of the F.G.S.
Jos. and Saml. Ryle
Hutchinson, Mallalieu, and Co.
Fogg, Birch & Hampson
John Ratcliffe
John Ollivant
James Cooke
Geo. Gardner
Rich. Shelmerdine
Danl. Phillips
Chas. Wheeler and Son
John Greaves
Richard Clogg
Edwd. Norris
Robt. Duck
J.R. Saunders
John Arrowsmith
Robinson, Nickolls & Co.
James Clough, M.D.
John Close
Robt. Hayworth
Allen, Bradley and Co.
Thos. Geary
Micah Rose
Thos. Challender
Staines and Mottershead
James Wright
James Bayley
Jackson, Rushforth and Scott
Joseph Heaton
G. .I Noden
Joseph Gould
James Ingle
Henry Bellott
Edwd. Smyth
Rd. Gould,
John Satterfield
Thos. Dunnington
T. Gaskill
J. Frith
Thos. Ollier
Geo. Darwell
R. Whithington
Thos. Atkinson
Geo. Kirtley
Wm. Grant and Brothers
Wm. Townend and Sons
Jos. Gould, jun.
Thos. Fosbrooke
Chas. Weston
Jno. Stacey
C. Parker
John Haigh, jun.
Geo. Webster
Danl. Lynch
Richd. Alsop
Thos. Scholes
John Hurst
Robt. Milne
R.H. Whitelock
Arth. Clegg
M. Randall, A.B.
Wm. Sergeant
J. Clowes, St. John's
Jno. Leaf
Nathl. Gould

IN compliance with the above Requisition, Public Meeting will be held in the Dining Room, at the Exchange Buildings, on Wednesday the 8th April, at 11 o'clock, for the purpose therein stated.

RICH. WOOD, Boroughreeve.

This is a newspaper clipping (presumably from the Manchester Mercury) which can be found at HO 42/122. The list contains 145 individuals or organisations.

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