Friday, 13 May 2016

13th May 1816: Another Luddite action takes place in Loughborough

Two night after an attack in Loughborough, Luddites went to work in the town again, on Monday 13th May 1816. The Leicester Chronicle of 18th May 1816 carried the following paragraph:
...on Monday last, the shop of Thomas Marriott, framework-knitter, or Thorpe-Acre, near Loughborough, was entered in a similar manner, through the window, and a thirty-two plain guage frame, belonging to a Mr. Wm. White of Loughborough, in a great degree demolished, and carried away.
The Morning Chronicle of 23rd May 1816 added the following:
...there were three other frames in the shop, one belonging to Marriott, another to his son-in-law, and the third to Mr. WALLIS, needle-maker, of Loughborough, but they escaped being injured.

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