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21st May 1816: John Lloyd sends the 'Death of Calico Jack' handbill to the Home Office

Stockport 21st May 1816


Mr. Prescot will send up a Copy the Petition I alluded to in my last by this night’s Post – It is temperate humble & true and attention will be flattering if not effectual—

I inclose you a Copy the Printed Paper I mentioned — a Man that succeeded the first who introduced them excited the curiosity of the People by his manner & collected such numbers of people round him that it was found expedient to seize the whole of his Papers—& the Christn Name & place of abode of the Printer not being given I have instituted a prosecution agst the Distributor for assembly, which He may not be able to pay & must go to prison—& that may prevent the circulation of similar papers.

It is probable that the Secy of State will be applied to for a troop of Horse to be stationed in the Town. I conceive the Barracks at Manchester would be more proper as the Soln cou’d be soon obtained in case of necessity, which I will not anticipate

I have the honor to remain
Your very obedient humble Servant

J Lloyd

P.S. The ridiculous Paper was written 25 Years ago by a man of the name of Dale of this Town—& has been revived on occasions like present – I remember to have seen it during the turn-out of weavers in 1808.

[To] J. Beckett Esqr
&c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/150.

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