Thursday, 5 May 2016

5th May 1816: Anonymous letter warns of plots to 'destroy Manchester' and 'all its wealthy inhabitants'

Manchester 5th May 18 16

Mr James Ackers

Dear Sir

On the 23rd April 1812 I informed you by letter of the most horible conspiracy that was going on in Manchester and other places wch was a certain fact, And if the Soldiers had not reach the Town in time at that very period, their intention was to destroy it, and likewise all its wealthy Inhabitants in order to enrich themselves, Sir I have some suspicion that they are going on the same way at present,

For Gods sake – yourself and the Town’s safety, Send for two regiments at least as soon as possible for there is no other way to keep these wicked wretches quiet,

please to destroy this letter as soon as coppied and let not one person see it because the greatest secrecy is required

kind Sir I remain your most obt and
Hble Servt
A Friend

This letter (which is a copy of the original) can be found at HO 42/150.

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