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30th May 1816: General Byng's latest update on East Anglia

Milden Hall May 30th 1816

My Lord

I have only to add to the report I have the Honor of yesterday addressing to your Lordship that I have since received very favorable accounts, that I have seen and heard in the excursions I have made is equally so—

At Wisbech on Monday the Magistrates apprehended a riot, and I accordingly sent them some Cavalry from Downham—which I shall leave a few days longer, although they are reported to me quite quiet there—at Downham they also remain so, and the Ringleaders have been apprehended, at Peterborough from whence an application for a for assistance was made last Sunday, I have received a letter from Doctor Strong of yesterdays date, who states their alarm has subsided—

On the subject of withdrawing some part of the additional force sent me upon the late Emergency, so much must depend on the general state of the County, and of necessity for them elsewhere, of which your Lordship must be so much better informed than I can pretend to be—that I will not presume to add to the opinion I ventured to submit in my Letter of yesterday—and in the disposal of myself—I wish to leave it entirely to the decision of His Royal Highness the Commander-in-Cheif, and of your Lordship where my services can be most available, in remaining here, by returning to my Head Quarters at Colchester, or repairing to my intended destination at Newcastle upon Tyne, there to assume the command of the Northern District—

Before I close this letter I conceive it my duty to report your Lordship, that I have no doubt will afford you as much satisfaction in learning, as I have in communicating—that wherever the Military have been sent during the late disturbances, not only have the Officers received the greatest attention and Hospitality from the Gentleman of the place, but the Soldiers in their Quarters, have also been kindly and well treated by their Landlords and the Inhabitants—In some instances I had occasion to move the Troops without a regular Route, and not a single difficulty on that account was made in providing Quarters, or in procuring the necessary conveyance for the Baggage—

I have [etc]
John Byng
Major Gen

[To] Rt. Honble
The Secretary of State
Home Department—

This letter can be found at HO 42/150.

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