Tuesday, 17 May 2016

17th May 1816: Norwich magistrates post handbills warning against rioting


AT a COURT of MAYORALTY, held the Seventeenth Day of May, 1816.

THE misguided People, who were guilty of the Riot and Tumults last night, are hereby apprised by the Magistrates of the City, that in case of any Repetition of the same, the Magistrates will feel themselves bound, in the discharge of their Duty, immediately to order the RIOT ACT to be read, after which, if such Persons should continue in the Execution of their riotous Proceedings, they will forthwith become guilty of the Capital Felony, and liable to the penalty of DEATH.

The Magistrates further do hereby require, that on any Appearance of an Intention to repeat the same Riotous Proceedings, by the above-mentioned misguided People, that the respectable Inhabitants of the City do immediately meet at the Hall, in the Market to take such prompt measures to preserve the Peace and Security of the City as the Magistrates may deem necessary.

By the COURT,

This handbill can be found at HO 42/150.

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