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22nd May 1816: The Chief Constable in Blackburn expresses concerns about 'Insurgents' to the Home Secretary

My Lord,

There being no Magistrate resident within this Parish (altho’ according to the Census of 1811 it contains upwards of 40,000 Inhabitants) a representation has been made to me as the Chief Constable of the Hundred, that there is strong reason to apprehend the property of the Inhabitants of the Town and Neighbourhood of Blackburn is in danger of being attacked by a numerous body of Insurgents as a considerable number assembled together on Monday last on an Eminence overlooking the Town where they shouted and manifested a strong disposition to riot, I have therefore most earnestly to request that your lordship will be pleased to direct a Troop of Horse to be sent to Blackburn previous to Monday next if it be possible, as that is a day when most of the lower Classes are idle, with Orders to protect the Town and Neighbourhood and the Merchants Manufacturers and other residing there

I have [etc]
Chrisr Hindle

22d May 1816

To The Right Honble the Lord Visct Sidmouth.

This letter can be found at HO 42/150.

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