Wednesday, 4 May 2016

4th May 1816: A meeting of nearly 1000 framework-knitters is dispersed by Cavalry in Derby

The Leicester Chronicle of Saturday 4th May 1816 carried a story about a meeting of framework-knitters in Derby that had occurred at some point over the last week (the local newspaper, the Derby Mercury, had chosen to not give any report whatsoever about the meeting):
Last week, nearly one thousand Framework knitters assembled in a field near Derby, to consult upon the propriety of petitioning the Legislature on the distressed state of their trade; but before they had time to come to any determination on the subject, they were assailed by two troops of cavalry, and compelled to separate immediately; in consequence of this singular proceeding a deputation waited upon the Mayor and explained the object of the meeting, upon which he expressed himself perfectly satisfied, and regretted that the Military had been called in on the occasion; another meeting was then agreed upon, and the Mayor offered the use of the Town hall for that purpose.

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