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17th May 1816: The Mayor of Norwich informs the Home Secretary about rioting in the city

Guildhall Norwich May 17th 1816

my Lord

A Tumult having arisen last Night in this City and the Persons assembled having proceeded to acts of violence in the destruction of Flour, breaking of Windows &c, it became necessary for myself and the other Magistrates to call in the aid of the Military; which was difficult to be done effectually, the principal part of the West Norfolk Regiment being quartered in different parts of the City and not in Barracks.

We are still under apprehensions that the Outrages may be renewed, in the Evening and to morrow being our Market Day: And I have now the Honor to inform your Lordship that from the Deliberations of my Brother Magistrates now met, it has been judged so necessary that all the Men of the said Regiment should be kept together, that I have given a written Request or Authority to Mr. Joseph Clover the Barrack Master, to receive such Officers and Men into the Barracks as the Commanding Officer shall order there. This Measure Colonel Nelthorpe sanctioned and I trust it will meet with your Lordship’s approbation.

I must also take the Liberty of mentioning to your Lordship that the Magistrates now met, conceiving that the Men of the West Norfolk Regiment being in daily expectation of being disbanded, & of course  not so effective as they would otherwise be, it would be highly desirable if your Lordship immediately would cause Orders to be given that such Regiment shall continue embodied for some short Time, or at least until the present apprehensions have subsided.

I have the pleasure to inform your Lordship, that we have received as well from Colonel Nelthorpe, as from Captain Phipps of the Royalls at the Horse Barracks, every Attention and co∙operation that we could Wish.

I am [etc]

J.H. Yallop.

[To] The right honble Lord Sidmouth
one of his Majesty's Secretary
of State

PS. Amongst others the Bill Copied below has been stuck up.


Fellow Countrymen & Slaves, now is the time to shake of your Load of Oppression & Starvation for which Purpose meet on the Castle Hill on Sunday Morning at 10 o'Clock then march to London there demand your Rights like Sons of Liberty

God save the People."

This letter can be found at HO 42/150.

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