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30th May 1816: Robert Plumptre sends an update on arrests & prisoners at Norwich to the Home Office

Norwich 30th May 1816


Having been absent from home, when your letter arrived yesterday, I could not answer it by the return of the post. The Commitments to the Castle of the Rioters from the neighbourhood of Downham are eleven, seven men & four women. The women are all committed for stealing articles of provision &c under favour of the riots; the men are all committed for riotously assembling contrary to the Statute; Of the several cases, I have no means of judging the examinations, remaining with the committee Magistrates, till returned to the tribunal, appointed for Trial of the offenders. Four persons have been also committed to the next Quarter Sessions for destroyed Threshing machines, of whom two are admitted to bail by the committing magistrates. In attending to the security of the Gaol, I shall not fail to keep in mind the directions contained in Lord Sidmouth’s letter to the Mayor of Norwich, of not calling in a military force, till the civil power has been found inadequate. Permit me to say, that I shall be happy it be useful in any respect, that can contribute to the maintenance of the public tranquillity.

I am, Sir,
Your very obedient
Humble Servant,
R. Plumptre

This letter can be found at HO 42/150.

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