Wednesday, 18 May 2016

18th May 1816: Arson at Dickleburgh, Norfolk

The Norfolk Chronicle of 25th May 1816 carried a brief report and reward notice regarding a case of apparent arson that occurred in the evening of Saturday 18th May 1816:
Saturday night last, a wheat-stack belonging to Robert Dover, Esq. of Dickleburgh, was wilfully set on fire and consumed—A reward of 100l. is offered on the conviction of the offender.—See Advt.
The reward notice is below:
A Reward of ONE HUNDRED POUNDS will be given to any persons who shall discover and apprehend, or cause to be discovered and apprehended, the person or persons who set Fire to a Stack of Wheat, upon the premises of Robert Dover, Esq. in Dickleburgh, in the night of the 18th of May, 1816. 
This Reward to be paid upon conviction of the offender or offenders, by 

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