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30th May 1816: William Evans informs the Home Secretary of nocturnal assemblies around Manchester

My Lord

I have observed in the Papers Reports that numerous Bodies of men assemble in the neighbourhood of Manchester—I have not been able to ascertain that the Reports are correct as far as applies to the immediate neighbourhood of Manchester further than that it is certainly true that a body of about 1000 Persons do assemble in the Evenings near Manchester and the Constables of this Place have endeavoured without effect to learn the Object of the meetings by sending Persons into the Crowd—There is a Disposition which requires to be kept in Check and the utmost Vigilance will be exerted in this neighbourhood —

I understand that a Communication has been made to your Lordship by the Magistrates at Bolton respecting the Situation of Things in that District which certainly have a less favourable appearance and I hope we may ascribe to affairs in this Place—

I have [etc]

Wm Evans

New Bailey Court House
Manchester 30 May 1816

This letter can be found at HO 42/150.

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