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13th May 1816: John Lloyd informs the Home Office of talk of a revival of 'Ludditism' in Stockport

Stockport 13th May 1816


You are so well acquainted with the dispositions of the different Classes of Society that I need not observe to you that the fears of some and the wickedness of others anticipate (I may say invite) calamity. They speak here of Ludditism being revived and of a troop of Horse being ordered to this Town to be quartered here. Reports of that nature I have always found to have a tendency to excite restlessness & discontent.

I wou’d not address you upon the subject but from the probability of some application being made from another quarter; & I have a wish to have the honor of your Confidence in a matter in which I will qualify myself to inform you faithfully for At present I discover no cause for alarm. Trade is bad but we are in this Town comparatively well off.

The change is very natural, and the inordinate spirit of speculation, and abuse of credit over this County will feel benefit from the revolution we have experienced with regard to trade

I have [etc]

J Lloyd

This letter can be found at HO 42/150.

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