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13th April 1812: The Stockport solicitor, John Lloyd, writes to the Home Office about trouble brewing in the Town

Chester 13 April 1812


I trust some person in my absence from home has furnished to with the true state of affairs of Stockport since I wrote hastily on my arrival after witnessing the irregularities of the Manchester Mob

It is true I had it in my power to write more favorably on Saturday for on the Thursday night I returned home in consequence of a threatened rising for the market on Friday and was happy to find no tumultuous assembly during that day—so returned—But during the preceding night 4 men with blacked faces had entered the House of Mr Harry Mayers about a mile and half out of Stockport, (a remote place) and had put the family in terror by menacing them with Pistols – robbed the house, & departed—in another quarter a Gentleman was dragged off his Horse but when his name was told known to those who dragged him he was suffered to depart without much injury—I now understand from my Clerk who is just arrived to attend the Sessions that very inflammatory placards are posted by the disaffected or dissatisfied inviting the people to unite for being firm silent and persevering — and that the windows of the House of a Manufacturer near to where the placards (which by the bye are [illegible]) are posted have been intirely destroyed in the diet by stones thrown from a distance

Mr Prescot complains that he cannot get the Special Constables to act—The Watch & Ward act has not yet taken effect owing to the Sheriff refusing to convene the [meeting]—and I now have to apply with the Requisition which was addressed to him & with all the arguments that can be properly urged, to some five Justices which I might be able to meet with tomorrow to hold the general quarter Sessions—

I have the honor to be
Your very obedient
humble Servant

J Lloyd

P.S.I have shewn to Chief Justice Dallas the anonymous Letters & informed him of the state of the Country – there are plenty of soldiers at Stockport

This letter can be found in HO 40/1/1.

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