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Late April 1812: Posted address "To the inhabitants of this Town", Macclesfield

To the inhabitants of this Town i under Stan the newspapers informs you that General Lud is taken prisoner but i can contrdict that Satement for i have just recievd a Leter from him Which he informs that he as Taken a fresh plan which is this no 1 Plan That the Shall be a List of those persons which is worst Against the poor in evry Town and Vilage No 2 And that evry Poor Person whill Get blunder b[u]shes Guns pistols axes forks riors rasors knives No 3 that you Devide youselvs And by And 3 by 3 And two And ind in Any rioting to Stick ther horses in the neck No 4 And if any one is taken that man that Swears against him must Be way Laid if it is for one or two years of weks or months And Shot by the Law that we have made No 5 that i Shall take the Command in Person in a Short time my Self when you have Got ready No 6 I understand by you you have had 3 men Sent to Chester who was no way Concerned in rioting bu never mind that i will come over after the Trial And if the Come to Any harm i whill Put you in A way to Send them And All Such for Sworn Deivls to hell
No 7 that it is Agreedon to Shoot All masters that Puls Down wages or invents things to hurt the Poor No 8 that if Price of wales whill not Change is ministers he Shall Lose his head No 9 that we whill All be Good Subjects if the whil let us have work to keep our por Starving hungry naked Cheldren And we Desire that you whill Let Mr Devenport know that A hungry below whill not be keept Down by the Sword And Chales wood that he as Been the Cause of a riot in macclesfield with Droping poor mens wages And Saying that water Should Be as Dear as milk And Speaking Against the School | And i have to Contradict A Statement which i read with Great indignation Concerning Stubbs in the macclesfield Courier which was to this efect that Stubbs was one of the most Daring amongst them All he might well for I never Saw A man Cut And knocked in sutch a maner in All my Life now I was behind that man All The way And I heard him to ask Several persons to Give over flinging And the Person that flung that Stone was betwixt him And me he made A bod resistance we alow And he was right for so]; doing for the knocked him Down he Got A stone up for to fling but head not time he was right to Stand in is hown Defence now if that man Comes to harm; besides is imprisoment Shall be Sto Broadhurst Tunstal Servant woman Shall be Shot One time or another what must that poor man think to be towrn from his Family for nothing Left & wife And 7 Small Children

thanks to Eaton an Daintry for the Goodness on the 13 of Aprall

This can be found at HO 42/123.

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