Thursday, 26 April 2012

26th April 1812: Letter from "Falstaff" to Fire Office Agents, Wigan


I am ordered by General Ludds Command in Chief of the Army of Bread Seekers &c &c &c

That shou'd you have any of the Persons Insured in your office not to Insure them anymore (for the sake of your Employers) who keeps winding machines or any other such like things in their Employment (For as it has pleased providence to bless the British Isle with abundance of Fire it ill behoves Genm of Proy to make use of it to take away the Work of the Poor and therefore their Bread, and if such work continue to be done in Wigan and in the same way the same providence has given the said General and his followers an Heart to make use of the same means to find Work as such Vile Persons has taken to take the Work from them (i.e. Fire) as it is thought better a few die than all Perish—The Gl has perfect information of all in Wigan and viewed the premises this day in Person before his men set to work, Mesrs Pe - s - n Da - -l Me - - lg Pin - - -g- - n B - a - -y &c &c will be looked to in a short time if continue in said way of Robbing the Poor of their Bread.

Given at Head Quarters at Westhoughton
This 26th Day of April 1812
Signed Falstaff Secy


To Fire Office Agents
This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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