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24th April 1812: James Haigh is brought before the magistrate, Joseph Radcliffe

James Haigh had been apprehended by the Huddersfield Constable Thomas Atkinson that day before at Methley. On Friday 24th April 1812, he stood before the magistrate Joseph Radcliffe and a Major Gordon in Milnsbridge House, Radcliffe's residence.

Atkinson had told Radcliffe the story of the previous day. How he had found out Haigh had been to a Doctor about his arm, and the story the Doctor had told him about the man and how he come by his wounded shoulder - that it was an accident.

Radcliffe told Haigh to remove his shirt, so that he could assess his wound. Haigh was clearly in pain and had had his wound dressed, though it was beginning to look a bit grubby. He noticed that Haigh's shirt was damaged. He ordered a servant to fetch Haigh a fresh shirt and handed the damaged shirt to Gordon, asking him his opinion of it. Gordon said he thought the hole in the front of the shirt was made by a musket ball.

Radcliffe spent some time questioning Haigh. He accused Haigh of being shot at Rawfolds, and being involved with the Luddites. Haigh looked dejected and exhausted, but would not admit to anything Radcliffe put to him, and insisted he had fallen badly on a stone, which was the cause of his wound.

But Radcliffe was convinced he was lying.

This is from Howell (1823, pp.1114-1115)

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