Monday, 30 April 2012

30th April 1812: Threatening letter from 'Eliza Ludd', Manchester


Doubtless you are well acquainted with the Political History of America, if so you must confess that, it was ministerial tyranny that gave rise to that glorious spirit in which the British Colonies obtain’d their independance by force of arms, at a period, when we was ten times as strong as now!—if bands of husbandmen could do this, in spite of all the force our government was then able to employ - cannot such an action be accomplish’d here, now the military strength of the country is so reduced—Consider Sir, what a few troops there is at present in England,—remember that none can be call’d home; because that would relinquishing the little we have gain’d to the fury of the enemy—little indeed to have coss’d so much money and such torrents of blood, yes British blood!———let me persuad you to quit your present post, lay by your sword, and become a friend to the oppress’d—for curs’d his the man that even lifts a straw against the sacred cause of Liberty.

Eliza Ludd—

This letter can be found at HO 40/1/1. It was sent to a Special Constable, Mr Simpson, who was also the proprietor of a cotton works in Manchester.

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