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19th April 1812: Gravenor Henson prepares for the trip to London to lobby Parliament

[Addressed to]
Thos Latham
Sir Isaac Newtons
Glasshouse Lane

1812. April 19

Leicester . . .

Mr Roper

We arrived here this Afternoon and found Large who had been very busy in procuring Work, he could not procure any Cut up Stockings, He is procuring Samples of Worsted, you will receive from a Person from Selston, a Specimen of Spider Hose and Nett, and a Hose not properly fashioned which you will receive

When you send the Red Book, send the Minutes of the Evidence which Blackner has got; Endeavor to obtain every Species of Warp Nett, Raw and Got up; Cotton Stockings made of Single Cotton, Light Silk Hose, Stiff Silk Hose, Mr Alliotts pair of Pantaloons, from Mr Tutin; The Average Statement of Double Lap which you took. Count the Courses of the few German Rib Frames you have, Cause the Cotton and Silk Hose to be further counted. Take the Length of time that Frames have gone and their original Price if it can be obtained. Count the Jacks and Courses of the Silk Ribbs, at Woods in York Street, send to Mr. Columbell to do the same send us the Statements, You will find in the little Book, a list of Names that I have sent Circulars to in Leicestershire send a Copy to the Leicester Committee, as they are getting Circulars printed the same as ours they do not wish to send two to a place. Send some Subscription Sheets for our Bill to the Leicester Committee, Cause the Town to be Collected, Direct the Circulars to the Gentlemen of the Counties of Derby and Nottingham, unless Columbell desires you to do the Contrary, send Copies from the Committee Book of the Gentlemen I have wrote to, send a considerable Quantity of the Circulars to Southwell, Derby, and Mansfield and almost every Village that they may distribute them among the Gentry

You have enough I think for one Week the Leicester Committee is impatient to be going about some Business therefore I must conclude with assuring you that I am, Yours faithfully

G Henson

PS. Send us information of any thing important that occurs. We go to London by 6 o Clock to morning by the Manchester Coach.

This letter can be found in the Records of the Borough of Nottingham, vol.8, 1800-1835 (pp.142).

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