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16th April 1812: Stockport solicitor John Lloyd writes to the Home Office about the riots in Town

16 April 1812


I write from home under disadvantages merely to inform you in the most brief manner that I recd an express at midnight on Tuesday night (14th) at Chester where I was attending the Sessions, to say that a Riot was just commenced in our Town — I instantly set off and arrived home at 7 the next morning & found the Mob had the preceding day set fire to Mr. Goodair’s House – Destroyed all his Steam Looms in the factory near – moved to different parts of the Town (Goodair’s being in the Country) and broke the windows of Mr. Marsland's House. Mr Hindley & Mr. Radcliffe’s – & assaulted & abused a very active praiseworthy gentleman of the name of Garside who was going individually to oppose them — The military then dispersed them (the Riot act or rather proclamation having been read in various parts of the Town) — Since which they have assembled in smaller bodies at remote places at a distance from the Town – & yesterday I had information that a party were levying contributions in the Country at Gentlemen's Houses — I went with a few Dragoons & about 4 miles from Town came up with seven, which were part of a large body from which they had just separated — They were there at no great distance from Col. Parkers

I ordered them back & found he had been induced through fear to pay them money – the Revd. H. Delves Broughton a Magistrate was with us & I made out a Case of Robbery & unlawful assembly completely ag.s the whole Seven & had them conveyed forthwith to Chester Castle & in 6 hours from their committing the Offence they were delivered at the Castle a distance of 36 miles

I was capt of the Piquet composed of the Lincoln Mil.a last night & at about 11 at night, I surprised a meeting held on a Heath 2 miles off & took one of the men who has been involved to give us important information – We are now [making] progress & doing very well.

[I] have just got 4 more in custody – & will get to the head if possible – Excuse more

I have the honor to be
Sir in extreme haste

Your most obedt
Very Hble S.


This letter can be found at HO 40/1/1.

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