Wednesday, 25 April 2012

25th April 1812: Sheffield rioters committed to York Castle over the last week

The 25th April edition of both the Leeds Mercury and the Lancaster Gazette reported that several people had been committed to York Castle over the last week for their alleged involvement in the rioting in Sheffield on 14th April.

Joseph Wolstenholme, William Rodgers, Mary Gibbons and Thomas Wilson were committed on Tuesday 21st, with a William Bowen and William Denton committed on Wednesday 22nd. On Thursday 23rd, William Groom was committed, and on Friday 24th William Shirtcliffe (alias Shirtley). The Mercury alone had John Rowans and Charles Parker, but did not specify a date. They were all charged with rioting. The Mercury commented that "The major part of the above persons committed appear to be quite young lads, who, bent upon mischief, have thus brought distress on themselves and relatives."

The Lancaster Gazette also has a John Savage committed to Wakefield House of Correction in the subsequent paragraph, but it is not clear if this in a connected case or not.

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  1. Hi,
    Just been looking up these names to see if i could get a follow up - Denton was quite surprising!...Rex v William SHIRTCLIFFE alias SHIRTLEY for a riot and v Joseph WOLSTENHOLME; John ROWAN; William RODGER and Mary GIBBONS for a riot and breaking firelocks and v Thomas WILSON for a riot and assaulting the justices and v Mary GIBBONS for stealing breeches and gaiters and v William DENTON for endeavouring to incite a mob to rescue four prisoners committed to York Castle and v William GROOM for stealing potatoes and a riot: all taken place at Sheffield, 14 Apr 1812: Yorks Summer assizes, 1812