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28th April 1812: Prisoners held at Chester Castle

On Tuesday 28th April 1812, the Chester Courant provided a list of the prisoners arrested after the recent disturbances in the County of Cheshire and now held at Chester Castle.

For rioting at Macclesfield:

John Jackson
Thomas Livesley
William Stubbs

For rioting at Etchells and neighbourhood, and unlawfully obtaining seven shillings from John Parker, Esq:

James Bennett
Collin Lindon
Foster Roach
William Thompson
James Tomlinson
James Wilson
Richard Wood

For rioting at Styall, and obtaining money from several individuals:

John Henshall
Richard Lowndes
James Torkington

For rioting and setting fire to Mr. Goodier's house, at Edgeley:

Charles Hulme
John Nield

For rioting at Baguley, and unlawfully obtaining divers sums of money from different individuals:

Thomas Chadwick
James Chapman
John Graham
John Hamlet
William Hancock
Peter Leigh
William Woodhall

For rioting at Bredbury, and feloniously entering the mill of Joseph Clay, and taking away, and throwing abroad, a quantity of flour:

Thomas Brent, alias Etchells
Thomas Burgess
Samuel Lees

For administering, at Etchells, an unlawful oath or engagement to divers of His Majesty's subjects:

Thomas Whittaker

For having taken an unlawful oath, at Etchells:

William Bennett
John Bradshaw
John Garner

For having taken, and been privy to others taking unlawful oaths:

John Parnell

For rioting, and having stolen and destroyed flour, at Bredbury:

James Radcliffe

For rioting, and seizing flour and other articles, at Gee Cross, and being particularly active in making seizures:

William Walker

The Courant remarked that Walker, who was a collier from Werneth, was considered to be an active leader. He was said to have 'marched before the deluded mob in a large cocked hat; and was distinguished by the apellation General Lud.' The also scoffed at the idea that poverty could have compelled him to join in as, when he was received at the Castle on 26th April he had six guineas in his pockets.

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