Tuesday, 17 April 2012

17th April 1812: Further disturbances at Carlisle

The Times of 23rd April 1812 reported that the disturbances there, which had commenced 11 days earlier, were still continuing with the following item about the events of 17th April:
On Friday night, a body of about 300 men and women, the men armed with guns and pitchforks, proceeded to Dalston, about four miles from Carlisle, and broke open the warehouses of Messrs. Richardson and Dugdale, and carried away hams, bacon and flour, to the amount of 500l. The military immediately marched to disperse the rioters, and succeeded in taking into custody about forty, chiefly girls. The plan of the rioters appears to have been organised, as they had scouts stationed to watch the movements of the military; for long before the soldiers could reach the place of destination, the ringleaders, with the greatest part of their associates, had decamped with their booty through the fields, and, it is believed, lodged it safely in their homes. The horse are at present patrolling the streets, and the 55th regiment are under arms.

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