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30th April 1812: Thomas Allsop of the United Committee of Framework-knitters writes to Thomas Large

Leicester 30th April 1812

Dear Sir

Yours of the 20th I had an am happy to hear that matters are in a fair hair for succeeding I admire you plan and we fully acquiesce in it, You mention my petition being Blotched and really you do it so funny that I cannot help laughing at that and some other little matters which have come within my Knowledge very lately, but to the business you say I must look out for somebody to come to Town if called for now here I am lost we could sooner find a man than the money I was 5 Days in the Country last week and we have scarcely paid expenses we rather hope to get some in our Circular letter, if not we are stalled, Mr Toplas has sent us some large Bills which had been posted up against Colting and I again request you to get this insertion in the Bill in order that the act of the 5th of Elizb may be certainly extended to us. I have been informed that Mr Trantham Hosier of Nottm was shot on Monday night at his own door, report says that on Saturday last he docked his hands two-pence for pair and told them to tell Ned Ludd how true this may be I know not certain it is that this is not a proper time to irritate the public mind by gross Insults I don't know that the Hosiers of this Town mean to oppose our measures but many of them have discharged their hands from having anything to do with it, You shall hear from me again soon

I am

Yours respectfully
Thomas Allsop

[To Thomas Large at Nottingham]

This letter appears in Binfield (2004, p.254-255).

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