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10th September 1812: General Maitland shares his fears with General Acland

10th Sept. 1812

Dear Acland

Nothing can be so clear as two Things, first, that the whole Country is in that State of Fear, as to induce every Man to open his Door to any body that Means to plunder it, and Secondly, that every thing that has hitherto been done, in regard to Associations is [useless].

I do not want so much from Rayne & the other Officers, a Report of what they think the Associations are doing, as a fair report of what they see them do for two or three Nights successively without their interfering with them at all, in this I will write to Rayne myself.

I want this to convince the Lieutenancy on Monday, what is the real State of the Case, in regard to their Associations

We must make up our Minds for all kinds of Disappointments, and all kinds of Accidents I fear, unless America opens of which I see no immediate prospect.

I sent the Opinion of the Attorney & Solicitor General to Mr Prescott yesterday.

They are writing out the Instructions which I shall send to Rayne & Galloway, but you may send these to your Quarter, making them exactly what was originally given to Rayne

T Maitland

Major Genl. Acland
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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