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17th September 1812: The Stockport solicitor, John Lloyd, updates the Home Office on the prosecutions

17 Sepr. 1812


On my way from Wakefield yesterday visited the different places in the neighbd of Horbury & Ossett where robberies had taken place as stated in the Examns of Earl Parkin which have been copied & transmitted to you by Mr Allison of this place, and I found the circumstances quite correct as had been stated by him—I took the Examinations not only of those he mentions but of others affecting the same Gang of Depredators, and I found that a number of suspected characters had fled—Unfortunately the ring leader Josh. Norton has not been yet taken; but as he hides himself in the neighbourhood and there appears now a spirit to have arisen amongst the better sort of people to do some good, he is pretty sure to be taken

You have not the complete body of Proofs agt this gang yet but shall have as soon as I can possibly complete the necessary Examinations.

One of the Gang, Thomas Green, has been this day committed by Mr. Radcliffe to York upon the Evidence of Parkin whom we will get supported by corroborative circumstances. The commitmt. is for a Burglary on Abraham Moor whom I yesterday examined, but I shall be able to prove him one of those that have stolen arms at other places

With respect to the Halifax case I cannot procure the Exams. of McDonald and Gossling until tomorrow or next day owing to these men having been sent for to Manchester to give Evidence in an Excise prosecution there—there are many circums. to state in order to a confirmation of them by persons more credible than these men will appear to be. The Informs. on which the warrant was grounded in all the Examins. we at present have. The Exams. were taken by me Halifax of the persons losing finding & replacing the Lead and that will stand good & well confirmed—so that two must be convicted of that Offence (transportable under the Statute)—

With respect to the oath none but McDonald & the committed persons present, but some of those afterwds admitted the fact to Gossling—who will not appear implicated as to the oath—And John McDonald going for the purpose of taking it, will be in better credit than being connected with them in all matters. He gave information of it immediately. The only thing I dislike is his Character—He has done too much in the like sort of manner—But I hope to God he is not been base enough to swear a lie. The other man appears to be a very decent respectable man, & I shall be happy to find upon an Examination of both that there is confirmation such as will dissipate every doubt—

5. P. M. This moment I have some Information brought, which, with managemt. may open to anor. Gang—Being desirous of taking advantage of it—I will set off to the place 6 miles hence—The next mail I hope will convey intelligence of success—from

Your very faithful
& obedt.

J Lloyd

J. Beckett Esq—

I inclose a further Examn. relative to the Dob-Cross case & one of Moxon to prove the Burglary which I have taken since the accomplice was examd.

This letter can be found at HO 42/127.

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