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15th September 1812: The Huddersfield solicitor, John Allison, informs the Home Secretary of arrests in the West Riding

My Lord

By the directions of Mr. Ratcliffe our Magistrate and to save him the trouble of writing, as his hand trembles so much, I have the honor to inform you that he has this Morning committed Batley Fisher & Lumb three more of the Men who were concerned with Swallow in the robbery at Moxon's and who were apprehended on the Information of Earl Parkin whose Examination I had the honor to transmit you yesterday — These Men appear to have kept the neighbourhood where they resided, in a state of continual alarm, and seem to have been nothing but a set of desperate Housebreakers who have taken advantage of the times—. The persons robbed are so terrified as not to be at all inclined to exert themselves or to take any active part in the apprehension or detection of such Villains. I am sorry to inform your Lordship that Norton the Leader of these Banditti is not yet taken, but Green one of his most daring accomplices is taken, and is remanded till Thursday next when he is sure to be committed as we have a very strong case against him—

I am directed by Mr. Ratcliffe further to acquaint your Lordship that John Baines Senior John Baines Junr. Zachariah Baines George Duckworth Charles Milnes alias Gledhill & William Blakebrough all of Halifax were also this Morning committed by Mr. Ratcliffe — Old Baines for administering, & the others for being present at and aiding in the administering an illegal Oath to John McDonald (a person sent there by General Maitland or General Acland) and the two last named Prisoners were also charged with stealing Lead to make Bullets—

I have the honor to transmit to your Lordship herewith, copies of Examinations taken on those occasions and back to say that Mr. Lloyd from Stockport is with me; and we are and have been for some time past doing all in our power to detect the disturbers of the peace in this neighbourhood and hope to succeed—. I fear there are many nests of Thieves yet to be broke into as well some secret Institutions amongst the Croppers dangerous to the peace of the County, if not to the kingdom

I have [etc]
Jno. Allison
Huddersfield 14. September 1812

N.B. Since writing the above last night after post time, Mr. Ratcliffe has taken the inclosed Examination against John Crosland for abusing the Royal family & declaring he was twisted in — I attended his Examination both yesterday & to day in hopes I should be able to get some thing out of him, but have not succeeded — Mr. Ratcliffe as therefore taken Recognizances for his Appearance at York in case His Majesty's government should deem the matter worthy of further notice from any salutary motives, and for examples sake—


15th Sep. ‘12

[To] The Rt. Honble Lord Sidmouth &c. &c.—

This letter can be found at HO 42/127.

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