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27th September 1812: General Acland's spy, Knight, reports from Halifax

Halifax 27th Septr 1812


I think it my immediate duty to acquaint you with my proceedings since I left Huddersfield. I arrived at Halifax on friday Morning and has taken every opportunity of getting into Company with different classes of people but has not been forward in bringing on any discours for fear of any suspicion as I understand from them that there has been some Men on the Service that has hurt it much by being to hasty in bringing forward the subject and then having some taken up for disaffected Language, which in my opinion is not the proper way to act, Undoubtedly the Generality of them are very much disaffected, but they are very cautious before strangers so that time must bring it round, I pass here for a Cloth Dealer and there is no suspicion of me so that I hope in time I shall be able to learn what they chiefly aim at. I intend to go to Rochdale tomorrow I expect to meet Kenworthy there. And if Jones is come from Liverpool I wish he would find me there as I think it would be of great service. Sir—I wish to have a few lines at Rochdale to be left at the Post office till called for. I intend remaining there are a few days. I shall take particular care in Punctually obeying any orders You shall think fit to honor me with

John Knight

[To] General Ackland
&c. &c. &c.

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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