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11th September 1812: Captain Raynes writes about a plot to blow up Rawfolds Mill

Mill bridge 11th Sepr. 1812


I have the Honor to enclose the Copy of a Letter I yesterday received Lieutenant General Maitland. In compliance with his Orders, I have sent the following Officers with Detachments from the West Suffolk and Stirlingshire to proceed by Rout and carry into effect the Instructions I had the Honor to receive.

A man of the name of Starkey of Mill bridge got acquainted with George Ashworth & James Robinson, he proposed to them a plan of blowing up Mr. Cartwrights Mill and took them down to the spot where they mean to commence their operations, he also shewd them some Houses where there are Arms, and wish’d they would engage with him to take them in consiquence of Starkey discovering Robinson and Ashworth I made known circumstance to Sir George Armytage. Sir George has examined Robinson and Ashworth, and issued a Warrant to apprehend Starkey. My Party with a Constable will secure him this night if possible, he will appear before Mr. Radcliffe tomorrow with the two evidences. They are a very turbulent set here, and speak their sentiments freely, even before the Soldiers. In all the Towns I since visited they have neither Associations, or Watch and Ward; I shall have the Honor Sir, of sending a Report of every Township, as soon as I have made the necessary enquiries. Sir George Armytage has beg’d I will always apply to him when I have occasion.

I fear Sir, it will be some time before we can break into this Lawless band

I yesterday desired Dearnely to wait upon you, he informed he had got acquainted with two or three Luds at Huddersfield. he says he cannot get Work near that Town, I shall endeavour to look out for him in this neighbourhood. The other Special Constables are going but slowly on

I have [etc]
Francis Raynes Capt
Stirling M

Major Genl. Acland
&c &c &c

This letter canbe found at HO 40/2/3.

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