Friday, 7 September 2012

7th September 1812: James Starkey confronts the spy, James Robertson

In the morning of Monday 7th September 1812, the member of the Stirlingshire Militia and undercover spy, James Robertson, decided to go with his fellow spy and Special Constable George Ashworth to find James Starkey, the would-be Luddite. They found him in his usual haunt, the Globe Inn at Millbridge.

Robertson went in to see him alone, while Ashworth hung around outside. Robertson bought him a drink and sat down, saying Ashworth was outside. Starkey stared straight at Robertson and said he had learned that Ashworth had arrested some men in the Globe after he had left last night - Robertson left to fetch Ashworth, but when he brought him back, Starkey stood up, drained his tankard of beer and without looking at either of them, left.

4 days later, at the Yew Tree Inn, Roberttown, Ashworth and Robertson swore a deposition about all that had happened between them and Starkey before Sir George Armitage.

This is from the deposition of George Ashworth and James Robertson which can be found at HO 42/127.

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