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14th September 1812: The Stockport solicitor, John Lloyd, reports a breakthrough in arrests in the West Riding

14 Sepr. 1812


Your two Letters of the 2d & 3d Inst I got Stockport yesterday only — they shall now be in every respect punctually attended to.

Altho’ I have not duly reported the progress we are making here to have no doubt you are not without authentic Information as to every thing that occurs of consequence—Indeed that has been the reason for my silence.

Some days ago a man was taken up by patrol at Flockton for merely being found out of his House at an unreasonable hour — but as it was known he had been in the Company of a person of bad character Capt. Thornhill & myself went over to examine him – the result of which fixed some suspicion on this Companion & we examined him to good effect also — for he gave such Information as was sufficient to obtain a Warrant against two men the one for Burglary (in pursuit of the Ludding system) and the other for inciting the Informant to join in Burglary These men were taken before the Justice and the one of them *Earl Parkin guilty of the lesser offence impeached many others of capital offences 3 of whom had been taken and are this day committed to York and others are in custody here for further Examination.

On Friday night Capt. Thornhill & myself set off to Halifax with 6 or 7 warrants agt persons charged with administering & aiding and assisting in administering an unlawful oath and with having stolen lead to make bullets for their use as Luddites—The warrants were agt 6 persons all of whom we succeeded in taking during the night, and sent them to Huddersfield from which they have been this day committed (all six) to York. The Exams are not by any means complete but as soon as taken shall be transmitted. It was my wish to have this done prior to commits taking place, but I was absent, and the Justice was satisfied of their guilt—and therefore committed them. I do hope we have been making a series impression, such as may induce a material change in the disposition of the people—Several have been taken up for words—I wish we could get at the knowledge of their deeds—A man of the name of James Starkie has been committed to York for endeavoring to incite two persons to felonious outrages & not being able to get bail was committed to York—

I shall collect all the Evidence in the different offences to send up for you or rather Mr. Litchfield or Mr. Hobhouse to lay before the Law Officers of the Crown

I have inclosed the Paper from Ireland you desired to have returned and have sent a Copy to Mr Fletcher and shall write to Mr. Hobhouse by this mail

I have [etc]

J Lloyd

[To] J. Beckett Esq
Under Secy of State &c

*christian name

This letter can be found at HO 42/127.

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