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17th September 1812: Cases for seditious language brought by Joseph Radcliffe are rejected by the Government's lawyers


The Secretary of State has transmitted the accompanying Depositions to the Solicitor of the Treasury to be laid before the Attorney & Solicitor General viz

For uttering seditious and inflammatory words.—

James Todd against Samuel Rhodes
Hugh Tomlinson against John Burgess
James Todd agt the Same
Robert Parish agt Charles Horrabin, Joshua Byron and John Rathwell

For threatening the lives of the special Constables—

David Harrison agt John Sykes, Benjamin Scholefield

Joshua Byron is in custody and the others have been bound over for their appearance at the next Quarter Sessions—

Copies of all Mr. Radcliffe's and Mr Lloyd’s letters forwarding the same are also left herewith—

The Opinion of the Attorney & Solicitor General is requested—

‘As to what course it will be most adviseable to pursue in the several Cases above-mentioned?—

The confessions which the Depositions ascribe to these Persons are certainly very mischievous and naturally tend to excite strong suspicions against the persons uttering them, but considering all the circumstances we rather think it more advisable not to make any of them the subject of criminal prosecution.

Thos. Plumer
W Garrow Lincolns Inn
17 Sep: 1812.

This document can be found at HO 42/127.

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