Friday, 7 September 2012

7th September 1812: Shearing frames destroyed at Gildersome, near Morley

In the second attack in the West Riding within three days, Luddites were at work at a mill in Gildersome, near Morley in the early hours of Monday 7th September 1812.

At 1.00 a.m., a group of Luddites arrived at the woollen mill belonging to Richard Lindsey & Sons. The doors were broken open, and 17 pairs of shears, along with shearing frames they were mounted on, were destroyed. No lights were lit and the whole action was concluded within 20 minutes.

The premises had been regularly guarded by the military until the lifting of the Orders in Council by government some weeks ago, when the available work increased and it was assumed they would be safe.

As reported in the Leeds Mercury of 12th September 1812 & the Leeds Intelligencer of 14th September 1812.

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