Sunday, 23 September 2012

23rd September 1812: The mill-owner, John Goodair, sells up and quits Stockport

Five months after his home was destroyed and his premises were attacked in Stockport, John Goodair had decided to quite the town and the business altogether. An advertisement in the Manchester Mercury of 1st & 15th September 1812 drew notice to an auction of the entire contents of his factory which was to take place on Wednesday 23rd September 1812:

New and Valuable Machinery, Power Looms and other Effects.

By John Wood,

At the Factories lately occupied by Mr John Goodair, situate at Edgeley, and Stockport, in the county of Chester, (by order of his assignees,) on Wednesday the 23d September, 1812, and on such following days as may be requisite for the disposal of the whole, the sale each day commencing at ten o'clock,

An extensive assortment of very valuable MACHINERY, and EFFECTS, comprising picking machines, carding engines, drawing and fly frames, throstles, mules, warping mills and machines, dressing machines, cup presses, patent looms, straps, cans, skips, bobbins, iron safe, desks, counters, shelves, beams, scales and weights. A large quantity of joiner’s, machine maker’s and smith's tools, cast-iron, brass, new cards, and a great variety of useful and requisite implements and materials for spinning and manufacturing concerns.

The principal part of the above property is nearly new, was made by mechanics of the greatest eminence, and has been lately in use.

Catalogues containing the allotments of the whole will be ready one week previous to the sale, and may be had on application to Messrs. Scholes and Kirk, Cotton Dealers; the Auctioneer, King-street, Manchester; or to Mr. Turner, on the premises Stockport.

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