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5th September 1812: William Cartwright informs on those he suspects were involved in the Southowram attack

Saturday morning
Sep 5 ‘12


I this Evening learn that the mob have destroyd the Machinery of a Mr Waterhouse at Halifax, assume this to be the Case; it occurs to me as most Singular that this same Gentleman was lately the mean of discontinuing the patrol of the Civil Power in Halifax declaring that no one could doubt for a moment that the County was in a State of perfect Tranquility!!!—

The purport of the present however is to day that I do not doubt the plans and executors of this Destruction are his own Servants my reasons are

George Hartley the Brother of Hartley who was shot here &
John Midgely – Particular [friend] [of Hartley…]
Abraham Pule all work with Mr Waterhouse

Now previous to the attack at my Place Pule who had formerly work’d with me (& who had at that Time taken up the dealing in Pigs) came to me & from affected motives of Friendship inform’d me that he had 2 Nights before been in a private meeting of the men of this very Mr Waterhouse & had overhear’d them say that they had receiv’d a message from the Huddersfield men on the Subject of the Attack at my Place which it was determined should take place before the End of 4 Nights unless it was thought that I was too much on my Guard, in which Case it should be defer’d for 2 or three Weeks (it took place exactly 3 Weeks from the Time)—but he play’d himself that none should take place without his conveying distinct Information to me—he did not keep his Word

Between his first visit & the attack Pul went to work with Mr Waterhouse & he remains there at present. I know not any where two more daring Characters that Midgley & Pul, Hartley I do not so well know. Pul is a Private in my Company of Halifax Local Mila the other 2 are Privates in the Light Company of the same regiments—

On the Morning of the Inquest on the 2 Men shot here Pul & Midgely were both lounging about at Robert Town 8 miles from their Home & Evinc’d so much Perturbation as led to suspect strongly that they had been of the Party—

Tho mere surmise I could not think myself justified in omitting to convey them to you & I remain

Sir – Yours Very truly

W Cartwright

[To Acland]

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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