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19th September 1812: The Stockport solicitor, John Lloyd, tells the Home Office he has a suspect for the killing of William Horsfall


I have to request you assistance. Information has been obtained this Morning that a Soldier of the 51st Regt is one of the Murderers of Mr. Horsfall. His name is Joshua Haigh — was inlisted in this Town by Serjeant Marshall — and, prior to April Sessions, he was detected of lead stealing for ‘Lud purposes but discharged about the 7th or 8th of April from Pontefract Sessions, being no prosecution. Mr. Horsfall was shot about the 28th of that month. Haigh fled over to Ireland, where he was apprehended by a party of the 84th Regiment, as a Deserter from the 51st, and escorted to the Army depot at Brabourne Lees, Kent. Capt. Thwaites command there, and will cause him to be detained – and perhaps sent down his — The Capt might may be authorized to shew him the proclamation in order that if he is in a situation to avail himself of the Royal Clemency he may impeach his accomplices.

You shall be furnished with all particulars for private satisfaction, but I conceive it will not be necessary to state more than the above to the commanding Officer; and tomorrow I will procure a Warrant from Justice Radcliffe which can succeed the communication you may be please to make to that Officer.

I have thought it best, General, to make this communication in writing that you may, if you think proper, forward it with any letter you may write to have the matter properly attended to—

I have [etc]

J Lloyd

Huddersfield 19 Sept 1812

[To General Acland]

This letter can be found at HO 42/127.

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