Sunday, 2 September 2012

2nd September 1812: Four weavers seized at Barnsley for administering & taking Illegal Oaths

Thomas Broughton, a weaver from Barnsley, had become involved with the local Luddites some time ago. Although it is unclear what had driven him to do so, in June 1812 he had approached Major Seale of the South Devon Militia and offered to obtain information for the authorities. Not long afterwards, Broughton met with the local magistrate and MP for the rotten borough of Bossiney, James Stuart Wortley, who directed him on what would be needed for the authorities to act.

By Tuesday 1st September, Stuart Wortley considered he had sufficient reason to issue warrants for the arrest of four men, and the following day they were arrested: the men were Craven Cookson, John Eadon, Stephen Kitchenman & William Thompson, all weavers from Barnsley.

This information is from James Stuart Wortley's letter to the Home Secretary of 6th September 1812.

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