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16th September 1812: Captain Raynes informs General Acland of a new informer and a suspected Luddite in Cheshire

Hightown 16th Sepr 1812


The enclosed is a Letter I have written to Mr. Ratcliffe the Magistrate, which if you approve, may I beg you will do me the Honor to forward

James Crowther, the man I mentioned in my Letter of yesterday, has been with me; he has given me a good deal of information, particularly about a man of the name of Joseph Oldham, who headed the mob at the destroying of the Rhodes’s Machinery at Tintwistle and the same person who assisted in rescuing the man from the Coal Pitt at Newton when the Watch & Ward were so ill treated, Oldham has also declared to my informant every particular of Crabtree's death. Crowther is not twisted in, he has frequently been asked by People at Leeds, Huddersfield, and this Neighbourhood, I have recommended him Sir, to be done immediately, he knows all the persons I have information against here. I have given him a little money and I do not doubt he will be a most useful fellow.

I shall take steps to apprehend Oldham as soon as I can obtain sufficient evidence to convict him, this I hope I shall soon be able to do, as I know where he is to be met with.

I have [etc]

Francis Raynes Capt
Stirling Militia

[To] Major General Acland
&c. &c. &c.

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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