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8th September 1812: A spy undercover at Saddleworth files his report


I was in Company with John [Savile] alias Sigley Tailer in Delph, on monday the 31st Augt. when he said the time was at Hand the Cause would be Settled for England was Sold by most of our Nobility at London and that he would lose his life in the countrys cause he also said that our parliment men were a [parole] of damnd Roags for there would never be peace in the Country untill there was afair overturn

I was also in company with Jamie [Joanies] alias Samuel Rhoads Cloath dealer Harap Green Near Dobcross on the night of Tuesday the 1st September when he damned the King and all the Royal Family likewise the present Government said they were a set of Tyrants all together, and the Soldiers were sent as Spies to deceive the country but hopped they were not all of one Opinion as he was shure they felt the [Harsness] of the times as were the Inhabitants—

I was also in company with Mr. James Scofield Cotton Manufacture in Delph when he Expressed himself as [under]. he said that he had the Name of a Jacobin the the Numbers of years and Never was ashamed to Declair it in any company, and that he had never more reason to speak than Now as the country was ruined by a set of Tyrants carrying on an unnecessarie war to the destruction of the country that both Houses of Parliment were to be compaired [dens] of robers between them and our fine Prince thy were determined to totaly ruin the country, he also said that thy kept the Soldiers Marching from Town to Town that the might not get acquainted with the Inhabitants but he hoped in a short time the Soldiers would know there Friends

John Burgess shoe Maker at New Delph Spoke to the same Effect as Samuel Rhoads Captain Raynes has what he said entered in his Memerandem Book

Joseph Burkly Henry Burkly & James Lawton appear to be Disaffected but was very Cautious in what the said it was whispered round the room that we were Spies

The [General] part of the inhabitants here are very much dissatisfied and [obscured] [illegible] are walking the Streets of [obscured] thy are assembled in diferant parts of [obscured] Street and Hoses and Laugh at [illegible] Begins a whisper amongst themselves [obscured] Have nothing more at present to [illegible] to your Honor

Your obedient and Humble
James Todd sergt
Stirlingshire Militia

Delph 8th Sept

[To: "Lieut General Ackland"]

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3. Words in the the last paragraph of the letter are either fully obscured or illegible due to damage on the last page.

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