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21st September 1812: The Manufacturer, Francis Vickerman, sends another letter to General Acland at Huddersfield

General Ackland


I am afraid to make my Self troublesome to you. the Only Object I have in vue his that (through your Ability and Exertions) our Neighbourhood may be brought into that State of Peace and Safety to live in it Originaly was, it Seems to be generaly believed now that by the rebel party, that a revolution at presant cannot be accomplished but the repeated ditclarations are, it will not be forgotten but accomplished with greater vigor the Very first Opertunity for they Say there will be no more good times until the government has puled down Tirants they call them Who continue the War for their Own Intrests and Support Machienary that they may raise Taxes to Support the war. If government cannot be Overcomin they say Machienary Shall be Stoped in its progress for it never did a pore man good. If the country his full of red Coats we See that they cannot keep up Machienary. this his conversation you might learn at any of the Publick houses where the rebil parties are accustomed to go.—

I have Sufficient Evidence to convince me that this Spirit of rebelion his princable promoted in this Neighbourhood by men Called Master dressers who Imploy from 4 or 5 to Twenty men who can in general get great wages and Spend more money at the Ale house and all the Other Inhabitants. If some of those men could be brought to the light and punished we might then Expect the journeymen would give up their designs of outrage and plunder. I do believe its not posable at presant for a Stranger to Swear on amongst them unles he should be in the Neighbourhood for some time at first become familiar to them. If you could take any plan to cause them to confes I could give you a list of names that most certainly Swore rebils. they begin to be a little more afraid, they say that this General that is comen to Huddersfield his a Divel of a Man if he can get any hold he his Sure to have them Sent to Prison. If you think it Proper to make a General Search for Arms in Lockwood and Salford & Taylorhill and all on one Night I believe Stolen Arms are in those places for it is believed No Neighbourhood has such Invetrate Rebils in as this has, and they have so planed their designs that not one of them has been detected Since the rioting & rebelion broke out, hoping that you accomplish the grand design till then I remain With sentiments

of Esteem Honoured Sir your Most
Obdt. Servt

[Bottom portion of letter is torn away]

[On reverse “Mr.V. 21st Sept 1812” in Acland's/Acland's Clerk's handwriting]

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3. Despite the lack of a signature to the letter, there is no doubt this letter is from Francis Vickerman because the handwriting is identical to his letter of 28th August 1812.

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