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12th September 1812: "The people are violently enraged against us and swear vengeance"

Mill bridge 12th Septr. 1812.


I had the Honor to receive your Letter with its enclosure last night at 7 o'clock. After apprehending James Starkey, Lieutenant Buckley of the 15th Dragoons and myself with a Party proceeded to the places described in Dr. Colthurst Letter — we took a Mr. Robinson a Clergyman with us who knew the exact [streets] we did not succeed in finding any arms tho’ we made a very strict search

The People are violently enraged at us and swear vengeance against Robinson, and Ashworth, for giving information against Starkey—I have the Honor Sir, to enclose a Copy of an Oath, or engagement, used by the disaffected in this part of the Country. The Original was printed, and found in the road near the Constables House of Millbridge—

I shall have the Honor to send a Report to morrow, of the [progress] of the Parties I detached into the Country

The People exclaim against Soldiers going about, such a secret manner but say they will soon put a stop to it. Strapper has been with me this morning he thinks he shall get a number of Ludds to attend his [daring] school

I have [etc]
Francis Raynes Capt
Stirling Militia

Major Genl. Ackland
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3. 'Robinson the Clergymen' is Hammond Roberson.

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